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"Je geeft interessante referentiekaders aan, die voorbij grafisch ontwerpen gaan. Je mag je kritischer verhouden tot deze contexten. Verdiep je meer in het ontwerpend dat past bij de onderwerpen waar jij je mee bezighoudt." and "Welke tool past bij het ontwikkelen van een ontwerphouding die past bij welk thema? Je moet hier echt stappen in maken om je kritische houding te gaan vertalen naar ontwerphouding."

The last assessments of my major graphic design have been the most satisfying experience. After a lot of months of struggle, doubt and feeling out of place in school I have reached new strength and motivation. My hard work has been noticed by others and I got graded a 10 for my final project. For me the most important thing is that I see others believing in me too, something I doubted last year. I adapted my new design approach and was able to name my artistic vision: using valuable theoretical influences and combining them with my critical design approach; With an interest in anthropology and language, I like exaggerating my observations to communicate what I want to share with others.

By using my Anthropological research method of merging myself in different situations, I have found a design tool that combines not only my interests but also the right balance. Also this method of observing and merging could be applied to many more different projects. I have also used this in my Practice and for my theory papers. It has given me a feeling of stability.

In my last assessments, major 3.1, I designed a hybrid publication that reflects critically on the Dutch consitutional law and power relationships within the justice system. My design approach from an anthropological position and by merging myself in the position of the judge, and the defendants, I became a Judge and the Defendant. I kept imagining: "How would I feel?". And it helped me lift my book from static, into a critical installation. I successfully was able to show the teachers that I could combine both studies, in my own unique and personalized way.